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Success Stories!

Many thanks to those who have purchased the Putter's Penny and sent in their comments!

"...it looks as though you've done your homework on The Putter's Penny..."
John Lalla, Oak lawn, IL

"...a neat idea that seems pretty ingenious."
Reed Williams, Grips & Sticks Golf, Manakin-Sabot, VA

"...this is going to be one hot gadget."
Courtney Capps, Stone Mountain, GA

"During practice yesterday, I made 9 in a row from 10 feet... I am definitely not a bad putter, but if this thing makes me a superb putter, I will take it to the bank."
Jack Challender, Kirkland, WA

"The Putter's Penny is an ingenious device... I've used this device with my students and it's helped them immensely! ...my students are still amazed at the difference in their putting since being introduced to the Putter's Penny."
Gary Gentile, PGA, Rancho Mirage, CA

"...the Putter's Penny got my putts online... getting my eyes over the ball gave me much better directional control of my putts."
Henry Piccoli, Lincoln Park, NJ

"I never realized where my eyes were positioned before the Putter's Penny... I may have problems letting my betting friends know about this. I am tired of losing money all the time."
Steve Wolfington, Sheboygen, WI

"Wanted to let you know that the Putter's Penny arrived and i have practiced with it. I have to admit, my putting got worse initially, but is starting to improve. I think any time you make a change, it takes time to feel comfortable with it. The problem that I recognized had to be addressed and was one that I had never detected or suspected. What I found was at setup, I could not see any 'red' which made me happy. To my dismay, when I started the putter back, a hunk of red was looking up at me from the rear and top of the ball. I think we both know what that indicates. I am now working on keeping my head and body still while swinging the putter. it is starting to seem much easier to stroke the ball cleanly and more on line. I am scooting the Penny along with the putt which means I am not picking the putter up. I probably would never have noticed that my head and body moved in my putting. I am sure that this tip your device has provided will make me a more solid putter in the long run. Thanks for sharing your putting aid. I will be sure to tell my friends about it. I am a believer and a satisfied customer."
Tom Gilbert, FL

"Bob, You're not going to believe this...after practicing with the Putter's Penny, I played the back nine with two guys from my league. 10th hole... I'm on in three after a poor drive and an even worse second shot, 20 feet away. I hit the putt for par! ... I moved the ball back in my stance as the Putter's Penny showed me, and did the same with my chipping. What a difference! Accuracy was greatly improved! And here's the kicker...including one 3-putt... total putts,  14 for 9 holes! Not bad, eh? ...I'm very impressed with the Putter's Penny and kicking myself for not ordering it six months ago!"
Brian Gage, Leominster, MA

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