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How the Putter's Penny Works to Help You!

The first thing the patented design of Putter's Penny will teach you is how to correctly set up with your eyes directly over the ball. Roll your mouse over the "setup faults" on each side of the image below to see how the Putter's Penny indicates your setup error. Whichever side of the ball you see the Putter's Penny on shows you the direction of the mistake in your setup. When you can't see the Putter's Penny under the ball, your eyes are directly over the ball and you're in proper position.

When your eyes are in front of the ball, the putter face will be open at impact...

Standing too close to the ball results in pulled putts struck on the heel of the putter

Setup too far from the ball and your stroke will result in a toe hit, sending the putt offline

With your eyes behind the ball, the putter face will close before impact resulting in pulled putts.

Once you are properly set up over the ball, the second aspect of the Putter's Penny comes into play - teachng you to make a proper, low-to-the-ground putting stroke. Keeping your putter low during the stroke means that your putter is moving directly towards the target and you're not going to "skull" the putt, which can cause your putts to come up short. Staying down through the shot is just as important with the putter as it is with any other club in your bag!

If you lift the putter during the stroke, the Putter's Penny will remain in place, letting you know that your putter came up during the stroke. For a detailed explanation of why this can be a critical error in your putting, please check out the FAQ page. pp-hi.jpg (10148 bytes)
When your putter is kept low during the putting stroke, the putter face will strike the ball and then hit the Putter's Penny, sending it towards your target, and letting you know that you stayed down and through the putt.

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