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The Putter's Penny Practice System

You want to improve your golf, and you know you can do better on the greens.

You have the right mind set... do you have the right setup?

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      Week after week as you watch golf on TV, on the practice green, or at your favorite course, you'll see golfers making a mistake in their putting stroke that causes them to miss putts they should have made. They have the break of the putt read correctly, they have the speed of the green properly judged, but this small error keeps the ball out of the hole! The funny thing is that most golfers don't even realize that they're making the mistake.

       The Putter's Penny corrects the problem that causes this error and also gets you into the proper position to make the putting stroke... and it's completely invisible as it does it! That means more effective time spent on the practice green working under conditions virtually identical to those out on the course. Your setup will become more consistent, directional control of your putts will become more accurate, and your concentration will improve, allowing you to make more putts and lower your scores.

       The Putter's Penny is also one of only a few putting aids that can easily be used out on the course (during a practice round) to reinforce those good putting habits.

       Everything that's true of the full swing is true of your putting stroke... you want a repeatable stroke with a minimal chance for error to maximize the number of putts you sink. Let the Putter's Penny help you build that perfect putting stroke.

       Explore the rest of the web site now and find out how the Putter's Penny will make YOU a better putter!

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